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5 incentive activities within an hour of Seoul

Seoul, the dynamic capital City of South Korea, is a great introduction to the destination; cosmopolitan, energetic, yet containing centuries’ old landmarks and traditions. There is so much to do in the capital alone, but just beyond the city centre, using Seoul as the base, there are unique experiences within an hour’s drive. Gyeonggi-do, literally ‘the province that surrounds the capital’, offers contrast to the city’s bustle.

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Here are just 5 ideas to inspire:

Direct connections from 183 cities, and 3 flights per day from the UK, you can reach South Korea in less than 11 hours, quicker than to West Coast USA! The path less well travelled, Korea will reward staff with somewhere new and different. Where better to start other than Seoul? Within an hour of the capital participants can immerse themselves in unique activities:

Hitting Targets - Hwaseong fortress: an impressive Joseon dynasty UNESCO Heritage site.

Here groups can try their hand at Gukgung – traditional Korean Archery, on the very ramparts used to defend their kingdom. Koreans also used the bow and arrow for sport, the discipline of aiming the arrow at a target, one would learn composure and heighten the senses.


You’re Hired - Icheon Ceramics Village

This was also the centre of Joseon Baekja ceramics. There are still 80 pottery factories at the village, with 300 pottery kilns in use. These potters, known as Living Cultural Treasures of Korea create the highest quality ceramics. From traditional Cheongja, Baekja, and Buncheong pottery, to contemporary designs, this is a ‘You’re Fired!’ with a difference as they make their own.

Soul of Seoul - Jingwansa Temple:

An idyllic temple experience to touch the soul, with exclusive tour from a monk describing its 1000 year history. The temple’s backdrop is the beautiful surrounding of Bukhansan National Park, and contains an impressive collection of cultural and historical properties. As they’re seated for lunch after the tour there seems nothing simple about their food, it is vibrant, extensive and delicious!

North and South - The DMZ, Demilitarised Zone:

For many the frisson of excitement of being able to step into the 38th parallel becomes a reality. Drive through the 60 year old barbed wire border control and obtain a glimpse at the North Koreans going about their very secret business. From a steep descent into one of the latterly uncovered infiltration tunnels of this private regime, to a chance to straddle the boundary of the North South divide. Further along the demilitarised zone the undisturbed flora and fauna of this vast divide offers breath taking scenery for teams with a sense of adventure.

Off to the beach - Seonjae, Cheuk and Mok Islands:

Seonjae Island sits just off the coast near Incheon, connected to the Korean mainland by a bridge. Stepping onto the island drops you in the middle of the countryside and vineyards. But the most intriguing feature is only visible at low tide. For a few hours every day, a narrow sandbar connects Seonjae to Cheuk and Mok Islands before disappearing back into the ocean. At low tide, the sandy path that leads there from Seonjae directs you to a large sandy beach that forms behind the hill, speed across on ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and explore more of the surrounding areas left exposed by the receding tide.

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(All images courtesy Korea Tourism Organisation)