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Moscow Incentive

The sights of the great Russian Metro in Moscow, Red Square, and the international 5* hotels are enough to clinch the desire to visit Moscow. With KMP they will take your incentives to the next level with a range of venues and activities that will guarantee to delight and inspire your groups.

Throw in a cold war style secret assignation, an 'off the beaten track' interactive Moscow city tour, with small teams, if caught you might be taken off to a soviet bunker, but should negotiations go well, you get to dine in an authentic KGB canteen.

How about that essential vodka tasting, learn to understand the different varieties; a fabulous cookery school; an exclusive gala dinner on the Royal Radisson Yacht, whilst cruising the sites of Moscow from the river Moscva?

Be swept away in a stretch Hummer to one of the happening night clubs. Learn what skills are required to become a cosmonaut at the Star City. There is no end to the options available, and KMP will work with you to deliver a tailor made programme to suit the group profile.

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