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Large Scale Events in Korea

Next year’s annual Rotary International Convention (Rotary16) is one of many upcoming events set to benefit from a range of expanding support programmes offered by the Korea Tourism Organization’s (KTO) - Korea MICE Bureau division.

For international meetings hosted in Korea with at least 500 overseas participants, the customizable programmes have been designed to improve the quality and boost brand awareness of each event. The large-scale Rotary16, for example, which is set to unite 50,000 participants from 200 countries in May, will make full use of the Bureau’s diversified MICE packages.

Other major 2016 events similarly benefiting from the programs include the 7th World Fisheries Congress – also scheduled for May 2016 - and June’s 94th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR. The three events alone will bring a total of 29,500 overseas business visitors to Korea.

Support programmes for over 500 convention participants will include an on-site ‘Korea’ booth from which they can discover and experience the local culture, as well as ‘smart’ name tags containing bar codes that identify their status, such as ‘attendee’, ‘delegate’, ‘staff’, etc. Meanwhile complimentary promotion of the events will be provided on all 23 multi-cube digital display screens at the Incheon International Airport baggage claim area 108 times per day for the duration.

In addition, the Korea MICE Bureau will conduct safety training programmes for tourism organizations and professional convention organizers associated with each event to ensure their smooth running. Topics include identifying potential dangers, rapid response procedures, and accident management.

These initiatives join the ever-growing range of Korea MICE Bureau support programmes for large-scale events hosted in Korea, including assisting with pre- and post-tours, site inspections, cultural entertainment subsidies, bid presentations, and more.

“Event planners really do get more in Korea, from event marketing and communications to comprehensive financial and promotional support” said Min Hong Min, KTO Executive Vice President for International Tourism. “There has never been a better time to discover how Korea goes ‘Beyond Meetings’ for MICE” he added.

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(All images Courtesy Korea Tourism Organisation)