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Bhutan  - a mysterious land

IndeBo presents Bhutan! 

Located in the east of Nepal, this Himalayan country is known as the 'happiest' country in the world. Upon arrival, you are welcomed by affectionate people, monasteries and stupas scattered across the countryside. Bhutan is a dream come true for those looking for a unique and exciting destination to reward star performance. The true sense of bliss can be discovered in the monasteries with the monks.

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3,000 feet above, The Tiger's Monastery is said to be the holiest site in the land of the Thunder Dragon. According to legends, this is where Guru Rinpoche came to over 1000 years ago on the back of a flying tigress, to find refuge in the caves. He meditated for 3 years before embarking on a journey to convert the Bhutanese to Buddhism. The hall of Thousand Buddhas, which is carved into the rock, you can find a large statue of the tigress.

Enjoy a traditional hot stone bath and embark on a journey of rejuvenation just like hard working farming families in the past. After working the farm in the harsh winter, families would bathe in a long and healing bath to help rid their bodies of any physical ailment they had affected them from months of working the fields. After the relaxing bath, families would eat rich, nutritious food, which they believed would help their bodies to be more receptive to the medicinal powers of the water. 

Celebrate Tihar Festival! The Nipali festival is celebrated for 5 days in November, worshiping different animals. One the first day the crows and the ravens are worshiped and fed with sweet foods and delicacies, the second day is the day of the dogs, they can be seen wearing wreaths and red or white dots ('tika') on their foreheads - they are thought to be the messengers of the God of Death. Day 3 and 4 it is the cows and oxen that are worshiped as the symbol of prosperity. On the last day, sisters put tika on their brothers and fathers foreheads to secure them a long and happy life. 

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