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Canary Islands

Covid Insurances 

The number of accumulated coronavirus infections are low in Canary Islands compared to the rest of Europe. Furthermore, the Government has an insurance to cover the related costs to a positive tested person, in collaboration with the national health department.

The document states that tourists visiting any island in the Canary Islands archipelago for a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 30 days, staying at regulated tourist establishments, who test positive in a PCR test for COVID-19 during their stay, will be considered insured parties, and also their accompanying relatives, even if the latter do not test positive.

- Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs resulting from COVID -19
- Healthcare transport or repatriation of COVID-19 patients or wounded
- Costs of lengthening the insured party’s stay at a hotel (including in the event of quarantine or imposed confinement).

The above is without prejudice to other travel assistance guarantees if the insured party tests positive for COVID-19.

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