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The Amazon rainforest, covering much of north-western Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries, is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its biodiversity. Escape the concrete jungle and explore the Amazon with Condor Travel.


Amazonian Safari - Ecuador
The land of the four worlds has unique views to offer, like being able to spot volcano tops from the Amazon. Visit a series of Amazonian towns and go on nocturnal safaris to venture into the sounds of nature. You will also learn about the origins of fine Ecuadorian chocolate in the cacao route.
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Cruising the Amazon - Peru
Enjoy watching the sun set over one of the longest rivers in the world aboard a comfortable cruise. You will make stops to enjoy on-land adventures like wildlife spotting and enjoy more mellow experiences on board, such as live music shows and cooking demonstrations. The perfect balance between adventure and comfort.
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Exploring the Tambopata
Discover the jungle from every single angle, walking among tree tops on canopy and rowing on its rivers by canoe. Rest in a comfortable lodge where the sounds of nature will lull you to sleep by dusk. Explore the jungle and enjoy the purest environment there is to experience.
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Madidi, a Green Jewel - Bolivia
An expedition to the depths of the rainforest to discover the secrets that the Madidi, the most biodiverse protected natural area - and Bolivia's little secret - keeps. Sleep in tents suspended among trees and be woken by the sound of endemic birds and monkeys, a unique experience all the way.
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Kayapo Nation - Brazil
Venture into the Brazilian rainforest with the best hosts possible, the Kayapo people, the only inhabitants in these lands, who will welcome you into their homes, to share their traditions and guide you on your Amazonian adventure. An opportunity to connect with nature, but also with other ways of life.
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Flexitravel is Condor's latest campaign includes a curated selection of revised experiences that align with current trends, as well as flexible conditions, strict biosafety protocols, and renewed Condor Assistance (their primary medical assistance programme). Flexitravel applies to all their destinations: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.


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