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Customisable Branded App for your Next Event 


Cormep DMC can enrich your destination experience with its new mobile application, featuring all travel information, from arrival to departure, including day by day programmes, hotel facilities, important tips, sightseeing tours, activities, galleries, emergency contacts, maps, documents, local weather, recommended places etc. 

Cormep can make changes to the app at any time without having to send a new emails and communications - you can make changes to the app and simply notify your participants with a push notifications directly whenever you want you want. 

You can also measure ROI/success of the trip by conducting online surveys about your experiences in Turkey and collect comments and feedback. 

And what if during the journey you have no internet connection? You are still able to access all functionalities except communication features (eg. voting, chat rooms, surveys).


Main features:

Attendee service: Service information is essential for users in all kinds of events. The app is focused on useful content for the user, besides the agenda other details can also be set such as, flight details, information about restaurants and hotels, seating in gala dinners, dress codes etc. 

Privacy and Security:

An app for corporate events, like an incentive trip, security and data privacy are very important. Only attendees would have access to the events information. For this reason, only attendees will have username and password to access event data, moreover, the login process is protected with SSL and other security measures. 


One of the attractions in this app is the ability to communicate with the whole group. There are three types of communication;

1. Communication from event organiser to attendees.
2. Communication among the attendees themselves.
3. Communication from attendees to the organiser.

In addition to push notifications, attendees can send private messages to others. A conversation wall can be configured for your attendees to post comments, upload photos, and instantaneously respond to questions and satisfaction surveys.


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