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Deagu hosts InSEA's 35th World Congress on Visual Arts Education

Daegu also punches well above its weight, as Korea’s 4th major city (after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon), and is host to a number of sizeable events, despite not being the capital city, in part thanks to its modern infrastructure, EXCO convention centre and plentiful range of accommodation managed by the bureau for largescale events. But it is also its attractiveness, half of Korea’s UNESCO Heritage sites are within a one hour radius of Daegu, including the important Haeinsa Temple—a Buddhist temple that houses the Tripitaka Koreana. Daegu is historically famed for both Ginseng and textiles. It is also The Birthplace of Samsung, when in 1938 they opened as a small export shop in Daegu selling dried Korean fish, vegetables, and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. 

The KTX train speeds through Daegu making Seoul just over 2 hours away, and a comprehensive road network and international airport serving the Asia region adds to the ease of access, not least as Busan’s International Airport is also quite close.

This October Korea’s 4th City, Daegu, welcomed 1000 delegates to InSEA’s 35th World Congress on Visual Arts Education.  Teresa Torres de Eça, President of The International Society For Education Through Art said ‘There are strong art education groups , professional associations and researchers in universities working in arts education , so it was a good idea to have a world congress in Korea. Location was excellent, easy access, excellent venue and lots of good opportunities to discover local culture.’ Alongside the general conference agenda, InSEA also provided optional tours to nearby temples, museums and cultural centres. 

The 15th Triple Helix International Conference followed swiftly afterwards in the same city. The International Triple Helix Conference has grown into a major vehicle for discussion, research, and policy development for the roles of tripartite innovation agents. Well-known for the key industries that led South Korea’s fast-track industrialization such as textiles and electronics, Daegu has been re-emerged as a city of high-tech driven culture and innovation including fashion and medical tourism, and was a logical destination for this gathering, where the conference touched on the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)’ driving most up-to-date innovation at the techno-human interfaces, examining the Triple Helix institutions are adapting themselves to these new challenges. Not only were optional cultural tours on offer to delegates but also outings to sample the local cuisine of Deagu. 

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