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Experience Bond ahead of Release

With some of the latest Bond movie's daring scenes shot in Matera, Welcome Italy DMC has created this exclusive programme, evoking notions of traditional quality, and the typical luxury, associated with those upmarket Bond locations.

Matera, in Italy’s southern Basilicata region is a remote, designated UNESCO World Heritage site, and was 2019's City of culture. It is one of those alluring locations that Bond visits, and where we all desire to travel to, to bathe in that understated, exclusive luxury.

In the future, incentives and corporate retreats might be smaller, and off the beaten track, however no one wishes to skimp on luxury for the VVIP!

Now the experience will have to do much of the heavy lifting, unique and unusual will be much sought after. Destinations will need good weather for outdoor activities, be out of the way, reassuring for the safety for the group and deliver the stylish chic reminiscent of a Bond movie.

And that is where Welcome Italy's inspired programme in Matera wins. The combination of the ancient hilltop city, and Palaeolithic stone dwellings of Sassi, makes for an enchanting backdrop.

Arrive into Bari International Airport and you will be transported back through time and approach the beautiful city from the Belvedere.

There are plenty of new unexpected hotels right in the heart of the Sassi stone caves, such as the Sexantio or the Aquatio (pictured) or even a noble palatial venue like Palazzo Lanfranchi, each tell a rich story.

The food of the area is locally sourced, and Welcome Itlay's chosen first night restaurant, the Abbondanza Lucana, proudly managed by Francesco, offers a true taste experience, and a chance to rub shoulders with celebrities, whilst ticking the sustainability box.

This perfectly paced programme offers a chance to explore the traditional city, an alfresco gala dinner, a self drive, classic car tour, and is topped off with a tasting of the region's Primativo wine, before final good-byes

As much as the film makers eagerly await release, your timing for this next event will be perfect, as Matera will be on everyone's "must visit" in no time, (and is) to die for (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!).

Welcome Italy has worked with Moulden Marketing to run several virtual experiences: from cookery classes to exclusive private views of the Sistine Chapel to give event planners a chance to meet Welcome Italy and learn about their services.

To learn more about Welcome Italy's Matera, please contact us and to arrange an chat with Welcome Italy's Dino.

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