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Deutsche Messe - Hannover

Hannover Exhibition & Conference Centre run by Deutsche Messe has re-opened it's multi-functional venue for exhibitions, conferences and other specific event formats for unrestricted numbers of participants from 14th September.

Health and Safety has always been a top priority at Deutsche Messe, and their COVID-19 concept ensures comprehensive protection for participants.

Does your event require a bigger room than normal due to social distancing? Worthwhile asking Deutsche Messe for a favourable upgrade!

They can help out with Live/Hybrid/Digital solutions for your event, offering tailor-made packages according to your needs! Hannover is easy to reach and the team from Deutsche Messe love to show off their venue & services, either live or virtually!

What to expect:

-Benefits and safeguarding for your events. Deutsche Messe have the space and the expertise!

-Surprising possibilities for organisers - more value and experience for attendees!

-Deutsche Messe have tailor-made and totally unique event areas, even during times of social distancing!

-They have solutions in the field of Catering, Health protection, Hygiene and Spacing

-During social distancing, Deutsche Messe accommodate your larger space requirements for the same price as under normal circumstance!

-Experts in key fields of automotive and science & medicine.