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Hamam for Beginners

When visiting Istanbul, Cormep urges you to not miss out on experiencing Hamam. Dating back to ancient Rome, this tradition and ritual is a major symbol of Ottoman culture, and the Turkish original Hamam are absolutely stunning architectural gems.

What is Hamam?

A Turkish public bath. It became a place for socialising, relaxation and religious ritual cleansing.

How to Hamam:

You will be given a 'pestemal' - a traditional thin towel to wrap around yourself
The female and male sections are separated in traditional hamams but the bathing rituals are similar.

Warming up
Enter the hot section and relax and loosen up.
The hot room is impressive, completely covered in marble, featuring a big dome, several basins and famous gobektasi (the central platform above the heating source.
Leave yourself in the hangs of 'Tellak', the male and female attendants. They will scrub every inch of your body with the kese whilst you sit back and relax.
After this take your place on the warm marble slab (the gobektasi) where your attendant will be ready with a lacy, foam-filled cloth for a sudsy massage.

Cooling down
To bring your body temperature back to regular level you can have a quick cold bath or shower. Return to the cold section where you can drink a glass of sherbet to replace the water you lost.

You will leave feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to explore the city again. 

A true authentic Turkish experience, ideal for any group.


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