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Intours' Survival programmme in Slovenia

Slovenia has nature and sport deeply rooted in it's culture. Slovenians are crazy about running, hiking in the mountains, skiing and are very fond of adrenaline sports. They are very connected with nature – not surprising for a nation that lives in a country where 70 % of the landscape is covered by forest. That makes Slovenia a perfect destination for survival programme in the nature – feel the forests, feel the adrenaline and spend a night with your team in the tents.

Survival activities can include; making a fire without a lighter, crossing the river, opening, cleaning and grilling trout for dinner, pass through the obstacle filled mud park, saving an injured person, climbing and abseiling rocks. Optional activities can also include building mountain bikes for under privileged children.

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Programme length can last from half a day to two whole days for up to 150 people (split into small groups of 8-10 people).

Contact Intours for a full itinerary and to begin planing your survival excursion in Slovenia. 

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