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Jeju welcomes wave of international delegates 

COSPAR’s 3rd Symposium on Small Satellites for Space Research was delighted to welcome their largest delegation yet at the ICC (pictured left), 362 persons from 36 countries, according to COSPAR’s Secretariat, Aaron Janofsky. Alongside the conference activities, attraction tours were also available to visit the numerous UNESCO world heritage sites. 

The 21st biennial of the International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference also selected Jeju for their 2017 event as the hosts demonstrate a lead in conservation and recovery. ‘Unprecedented industrial development has been achieved in Korea, the downside being environmental residue issues. Since the 1990’s efforts to restore the damaged ecosystems were greatly promoted along with national-scale surveys and recovery projects including Cheonggye-chon and Baekdu-daegan projects. Korea gives rise to a good example of societies striving to re-establish precious ecosystems through monitoring, conservation, and recovery.’

Characterised by small volcanic cones and vast open pastures, the island was designated one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2011 because of its diverse geographical features, which include caves and lava tubes. Ideal for high-level meetings that have a specific interest or wish to keep their delegates immersed and engaged. 

Jeju is easily accessible as well with Jeju international Airport receiving 34 international flights on 16 airlines. As well as Seoul Incheon International Airport only a short 1hr flight away.

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