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Korea 1st for International Events

Korea has overtaken the USA into first place in the UIA (Union of International Associations) 58th International Meetings Statistics Report, released  June 2017.
UIA announced that Korea ranked 1st for meetings held in 2016. Belgium is 2nd, Singapore took 3rd place. America, France, Japan, Spain, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands follow.

Last year 997, from a total of 11,000, international meetings were held in Korea with a market share 9.5% (rising from 7.5% in 2015).
Korea has consistently stepped up from 4th (636 events) in 2014 and 2nd (891 events) in 2015.

The capital city Seoul took 3rd place in the UIA World City Ranking (2nd in Asia), followed by Brussels (906 cases) and Singapore (888 cases).  Other cities in Korea saw Busan ranked 14th (152 events), Jeju 17th and Incheon 30th (53 events). Incheon is noted for its biggest leap, from 50th place last year.

The achievement reflects the efforts Korea has made since the International conference promotion Act in 1996. The government has achieved results by strengthening its support services, implementing various promotional activities, and seeking a balanced development between local regions.