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Korea Unique Venue Portfolio

Many know Korea for its strength in conventions, Korea’s strengths for event professionals extends beyond conventions and can offer an array of unique experiences in some very unique venues.

This year we launched Korea Unique Venue offering several specific venues, big and small, that KTO’s KoreaMICE Bureau has identified, and which are willing to work with event planners to deliver your next successful event.

The project launched with 20 such venues, 8 split between Seoul and Busan, and 9 venues across 7 other cities. From the sublime, sub tropical island landscape of Jeju, to Seoul these venues offer a very unique space for groups.

Some notable options include:
Jeju: the Spirited Garden (top left) – or Bunjae Arpia displays one man’s love of Bonsai, and includes a secret garden for up to 300 pax

Daegu: The birthplace of Samsung, home to the textile industry and also known as media city for both traditional and ultra modern medical practice. eWord 83 Tower, 83 Grill (left), 78 floors up, fabulous food and panorama over Daegu for up to 100 pax

Gyeongju: Hwangnyongwon (left) is a 9 floor pagoda, and is a corporate retreat and Buddhist temple stay centre. There are meeting spaces for 450 pax and up to 90 can meditate. Whilst the temple graces the top floor

Busan: In Korea’s second city, The Busan Cinema Centre (bottom left) is one of the most iconic venues, and home to the Cannes of Asia - the Busan International Film Festival. Groups of up to 4000 can use this spanned outdoor area
Also Bay 101 (above top) is a great space for dining and receptions, with its water side location near the marina

For Korea Unique venues in Seoul, and to see the full list click here

(All images courtesy Korea Tourism Organisation)

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