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Korea's UNTACT future for Events

Untact is Korea’s version of contactless, and it embodies so much more. A digitally savvy population, amongst the fastest broadband speeds in the world, ubiquitous wifi hotspots and early adoption of 5G, means that in Korea you can always be online, and mobile. From registering for, and entering an event, to virtual business cards, ordering food and enjoying the arts.

CNN recently ran this feature (17 mins watch here and on youtube) on Korea’s digital solutions for life, the arts, events and staycations, the KoreaMICE Bureau would love to share this with you!

Korea’s population adopted Covid notification apps very early on in the pandemic, plus their rigorous test and trace system has meant cases have been kept low, and Korea has maintained its daily life almost as usual: visiting restaurants, conferences and theatre. Yes, there has been restriction to some gatherings, and cleaning in plain sight, and strict procedures and protocols have been implemented throughout the hospitality and events sector, many large scale events have taken place, successfully, without any increase in transmission. And the roll out of vaccination began in February.

Korea’s lead in technology, has meant the move to virtual events came with ready avatars, and graphics, that made participants feel part of the action, keynote speakers stood ‘virtually’ on stage as holograms, and sight-seeing post event was facilitated with a number of state of the art digital tours.

Associations would have been in awe of the UIA Asia Round Table Event last autumn, hosted by Seoul Convention Bureau. And these services can be made available to offer a hybrid solution for your future events.

This highly digitised nation has also ensured that where concerts and mass gatherings might not take place, their musicians and artists have had an outlet to perform, whilst fans can still make requests and hear their favourite tracks, without zoom fatigue, watch out for the Music Library in this video.

Korea loves to mash up its language to coin new words, such as Chimaek (치맥) from Chickin (치킨) and Maekju (맥주 - Korean for Beer), Chimaek is a great pastime with friends of an evening, grabbing a bite of great Korean Fried Chicken, and beer – what’s not to love. So too Korea now has Chabak coined from Cha ( - Car) and Bak (박 - sleep). Car camping is now massively in vogue, enabling Koreans’ to enjoy Korea’s sublime scenery away from its busy cities, under their own steam, in the great outdoors. This article concludes with a feature on Chabak, and some breath taking views of Korea’s forested and mountainous landscape. 

Whether you are planning an event in the heart of Seoul, or perhaps considering smaller, or second cities that you are less familiar with, Korea has so much to offer. A human sized country, Korea is easily accessible - KTX 'bullet' trains speed you anywhere within 3 hours of landing, following the strictest of safety for all. Innovative, whilst maintaining a traditional cultural independence Korea is ready to make you want to return, again and again, once we can all get moving again.

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