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Love Iceland 


Iceland – a large island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, which is surrounded by multiple smaller islands including Grimsey Island and Drangey Island which both have amazing history and wildlife.


Iceland offers a remarkable extreme of contrasts, from some of the largest glaciers in Europe to some of the most active volcanoes in the world. Groups can enjoy adrenaline fuelled activities such as snowmobiling, caving, ice climbing and 4x4 self-drive experiences, before relaxing at the world famous Blue Lagoon or enjoying the wonders of the Golden Circle tour.


Luxury Glacier camp – The camp is made up of robust tents with 16m2 wooden floors, single or double beds, feather duvets, pillows and sleeping bags not to forget a gas heater. The camp has portable toilets, washing facilities, catering tent with wooden floors, tables benches and electricity and for that extra luxury feel… a sauna in the camp!


Visit the Blue Lagoons, relax in the natural Spa at the Blue Lagoon with mud masks, lunch in the stunning restaurant Lava at the Blue Lagoon and perhaps sparkling wine with your meal for the ultimate luxury experience.

Or hold a conference in a cave - The Langjokull Ice Cave has a 500-meter-long tunnel that has been excavated into the heart of the glacier. Lit with LED lights under the ice walls, giving a turquoise bluish light along it's corridors. The cave has 2 small event spaces, 1 for 35 people, the other for up to 65 people, hold a conference meeting or presentation the cave and be sure to grab everyone’s attentions.

Moulden's DMC HL Adventure provide expert knowledge on Iceland. Please call us for a sample programme.

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