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Activities in Malta

Battle in the Mediterranean Sea

This activity is amongst the most popular with incentive groups. The day promises to bring together individual efforts in order to attempt to win the battle as a team. Each gullet will be equipped with the necessary materials to fight the battle.
Besides having a fully animated and entertaining day, the group will also witness the picturesque harbours within The Maltese Islands.


Fun Cocktail Challenge

This takes place at a venue right by the water’s edge known for its chill-out music that can be enjoyed all day long. The seating area and pool deck have unobstructed panoramic views of the blue Mediterranean Sea, a stunning background to refreshing cocktails, chill-out music and a buzzing atmosphere. A cocktail expert will at first give a short talk about the history of cocktails and the secret of mixing the right ingredients, then it is up to the teams to create the most original and enticing cocktail.  Following this fun aperitif enjoy a lavish dinner on the water's edge, watch the sunset dim and the nighttime reflections in the sea brighten.