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New places to go in Croatia and Slovenia

Velo Grablje is a village in Croatia best known for the impressive growth of lavender. The fields swamped by the plant create a beautiful scene and aroma. Although the village is private and in the middle of no-where, it allows a sense of peace and tranquility.

The village is only 10 km from Hvar city and it is really worth spending a night there. It’s perfect for incentives. During the day, it is a great place for a team meeting or a small conference in nature, that allows you to have lunch in a local style. The local products, fresh fruit, vegetables and spices will mesmerize you with its diverse taste. Dine in a local tavern, spend the night in old traditional houses and wake up to a complete zen: peace, light wind, green scenery, lavender smell and complete serenity.

The Julian Alps in the western and north part of the country only 30 – 60 minutes away from the airport and the capital Ljubljana. This is a magical winter wonderland, with loads of great opportunities waiting to be had. You can go Skiing at Kanin, Bovec or Ice Skating on the frozen lake Bled. You can go and play in the snow at Pokljuka plateau or go on a snowy hike to Uskovnica valley.

Tamar valley located near Kranjska Gora near the Italian border, boasting with 200m ski-jump and modern Nordic centre in Planica. It is a perfect place for winter teambuilding, walking in snow shoes, learning how to escape the avalanche, ice climbing, igloo building and so much more…

Staying in Slovenia’s green capital offers several winter-joy opportunities, located only 30 minutes away from Ljubljana. One of the popular picks’ is Rakitna plateau with Rakitna lake. With wild nature and a very special healing climate, where mountain and sea air come together, it will make you remember Rakitna forever.

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