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The Spy Game in València

"The Spy Game", as the name suggests, has a spy/suspense theme personalized to the client’s requirements. During the activity, the Intelligence Service Training Agents will show participants the “secrets” of the espionage world (like message decoding, map reading, how to avoid being discovered, how to recognize false contact details and enemy spies…)

Through coded messages, participants will rotate around the different missions. They must decode the messages with astuteness to achieve the game’s objectives. Solving the messages provides ‘keys’ to be able to progress and the general idea is for the keys to reinforce the messages that client company aims to transmit during the convention, incentive or event.

"The Spy Game", more than anything else, graphically demonstrates the need to adapt to the constant changes in our personal and professional environments. The main mission consists of achieving the necessary keys to achieve the end objective by means of teamwork.