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Terra Firma Risk Management 

Event planners hope that this will never happen, but in today's world, whilst the worst is something we try to avoid, Terra Firma Risk Management have the background and skill set to help you create a blueprint to ensure any unlikely scenario is well prepared for and handled appropriately.

The travel industry faces a variety of potential crises such as natural disasters, kidnaps, terrorist attacks, evacuations, air disasters, customer data breaches and media scandals.

The consequences of such crises can be stark:

- Reputational - a slow, inadequate response can have a devastating impact on public perception and brand.

- Operational - the diversion of physical and human resources to deal with an incident can have a significant impact on all aspects of the business.

- Financial - lost sales, cost of reparations, even a fall in share price.

- Legal - criminal or civil proceedings can be brought against a company and its directors if the company is felt to have been negligent and failed in its duty of care. 

Being insured is important but is not sufficient on its own. Terra Firma provides comprehensive operational support.  We help you to understand, assess and manage the threats you face. When crisis strikes, Terra Firma is just a phone call away on our 24/7 hotline and we will respond immediately with a physical presence and practical support and advice wherever in the world you need it.

How can Terra Firma help?

- Prevention: to minimise the likelihood of a crisis occurring.

- Preparedness:  to prepare for the worst and mitigate the consequences.

- Response: to guarantee professional and effective management of the situation.

- Recovery: to ensure business continuity and re-establish credibility and viability.

Terra Firma Risk Management has a core team of fourteen advisers on six continents supported by a broad network of over 25 associates, providing worldwide coverage. With a combined experience of more than 200 years and having overseen 650 critical incidents in more than 70 countries worldwide, Terra Firma offer a remarkable insight into how to react when a crisis occurs!