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Jazz pianist, İlham Gencer

The Pera Palace Hotel

The Pera Palace Hotel is one of Istanbul’s most iconic luxurious establishments, opened in 1895. This 19th century hotel is conveniently located near Taksim Square, on the European side of Istanbul.

The hotel made a grand entrance when it opened in 1895 and became the illustrious property to house passengers travelling on the distinguished Orient Express, while showcasing the epitome of comfort.

With its exceptional ballroom, the hotel was one of the most brilliant buildings in Istanbul. The hotel was the first building in the Ottoman Empire to be powered by electricity, other than the Ottoman Palaces. It was also the only place in the city to accommodate hot running water for its guests and was home to the first electric lift in Istanbul, second in Europe after the Eiffel Tower.

Incentive ideas

The Hotel’s “Kubbeli Lounge” has long been famed for its tea parties - a traditional afternoon outing among the Istanbul elite. Its high ceilings, nice relaxing terrace and general feeling of cosiness make it the ideal venue for a relaxing afternoon.

This tea lounge offers a rich buffet including cakes, dainties, triangles of cake, puff pastries, mini scones and mini cakes, tarts, and little rectangles of sandwiches. The party is available also for non-resident guests everyday between 15:00 – 18:00.
You may also hear smooth piano jazz drifting from the hotel's Kubbeli Lounge. 93-year-old jazz pianist, İlham Gencer, who dazzles guests with his wit and talent every day at tea time. Gencer, considered to be one of Turkey's music legends, has been playing at the Pera Palace since 2012.

This tea-time music sounds even more melodious when you help yourself to a feast of multi-coloured macaroons, a plethora of delicious pastries, mini cupcakes and donuts, that the Kubbeli Lounge spreads out each day.

Meetings Space

Grand Pera Ballroom, is one of the most historical meeting rooms in the city, Grand Pera offers a luxurious and romantic setting with its high, embellished ceilings and breath-taking sunset views. The 212 sqm Grand Pera Ballroom is the ideal setting for balls, weddings, gala dinners, new product launches and meetings accommodating up to 120 guests. It is the perfect venue for upscale social events. All venues offer complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Paşa Room, which exhibits the traces of history in every corner, is one of the most proper event venues for your special occasions at Pera Palace Hotel. The Paşa Room, overlooking the Orient Terrace with its private balcony, which can accommodate up to 45 guests in a seating order and up to 90 guests in a cocktail order, is waiting for the distinguished guests of Pera Palace Hotel.

Aynalı Room, with its unique Golden Horn view is one of the most exclusive venues of Pera Palace Hotel, is among the indispensables of meetings with a 65 m2 spacious and comfortable area. Aynalı Room can accommodate up to 45 guests for a dinner setting and 70 guests for cocktail arrangements. Aynalı Room welcomes you to make your meetings one of the most remarkable.

Galata Room offers space for cocktail receptions, formal gatherings, exhibitions, and meetings, a truly exceptional venue. Galata Room meets with the needs of today to make your meetings comfortable and pleasing. The state-of-the-art audio and video communication tools inside the Galata Room, combined with the room structure that can be divided into three separate rooms, enable you to experience versatile events.


The famous writer Agatha Christie also stayed here many times during her travels through 1926-1932. Her often preferred room 411 was converted into a museum after a while and is still being visited by her enthusiasts.


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