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Think Green, Fly Green | Sustainability with airBaltic

The Baltic States, the home of airBaltic, are some of the greenest lands in Europe, and airBaltic have made it their duty to help preserve the environment wherever they fly. The brand is green by nature, as airBaltic’s jet fleet is the youngest in the Europe, consisting solely of one of the world's greenest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A220-300.

Compared to previous generation aircraft of similar size, the new planes feature a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, 50% less NOx emissions, and a 4x reduced noise footprint.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are deep rooted in airBaltic's core values. 

Everyone can be socially responsible and go greener, even when travelling. You can do your part, too, starting with your choice of airline to seemingly little things, like packing lighter, using an electronic ticket instead of a paper one, bringing your own reusable water bottle to fill up at the airport, and choosing environmentally friendlier ground transport. Choosing airBaltic enables your groups to leave a smaller footprint in the sky and to Think green, fly green.

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