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More ‘Unique Venues’ for the Socially Distanced and contactless ‘UNTACT’ era

A total of 13 new locations have been added to the list of Unique Venues for MICE – bringing it to a total of 40 Unique Venues for 2020, identified by The Ministry for Culture and Tourism, and KoreaMICE Bureau, for business event organisers.

While the original list highlighted venues that facilitated the smooth operation of traditional offline events, this year’s additions were selected with the current era of ‘untact’, or contactless, and ‘virtual’ events in mind. They are all venues that feature distinctive architectural beauty, interesting concepts or stories, and can be appreciated virtually, as well as up close and in person – such as galleries, museums and performance spaces.

Highlights of the latest Unique Venues added to this year’s list include the Tri-Bowl in the futuristic city of Songdo, 25 minutes from Incheon International Airport. Tri-Bowl is a multi-complex culture and arts centre designed as if it is floating on water. The venue looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside and has an auditorium for 350 pax, amongst other multipurpose spaces.

In Seoul, right the centre of the Han River, a natural island has been developed into a cultural complex focusing on ecology music and the arts - Nodeul Island (Nodeulseom) was completed and fully opened last autumn and offers both stunning sunsets across the Seoul cityscape, as well as several levels of events space (a gross area 9,747 m2).

Also in Seoul is the Oil Tank Culture Park, (picture left, The source: "The Soul of Seoul") a disused oil storage depot, is now a Brutalist events arena. The five tanks have been turned into performance venues, exhibition halls, and a multi-purpose pavilion. The large outdoor space, which was once used as a parking lot, is now being used as a culture plaza. Most of the spaces within the Park are versatile and can be used for anything from conferences, concerts, exhibitions and performances. The 140,000 ㎡-wide open field, the size of 22 football stadia, can host larger-scale events, festivals and workshops.

For further information about venues for events in Korea, and the enhanced event support, please email: KoreaMICE@moulden-marketing.co.uk

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