Desert Gate DMC

Desert Gate DMC is your doorway to innovative concepts and creative ideas in their new destination, the Maldives. Known for providing fully integrated marketing and event management solutions, Desert Gate are creative and professional to the core. Desert Gate serves the seven Emirates of the UAE and Oman, with more than 2000 kilometers of coastline as well as the state of Qatar, they candeliver your event requirements in both Abu-Dhabi and Oman.With offices in both Dubai and Oman, and with over 20 years of valuable industry experience, paired with the combined skills of Desert Gate Management that has been successfully involved in the industry for more than 75 combined years. An affinity for details makes them the perfect partner if you are looking to produce outstanding events.




Desert Gate DMC the leading DMC for UAE and Oman, has extended its MICE expertise to event professionals looking to place events in the Maldives. The Maldives, known for its white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and mighty reefs, exudes peace and relaxation, perfectly balancing any event or programme you plan. The 26 natural atolls surrounded by the warm seas of the Indian ocean, are full of life and culture within both the people who live there and under the water amongst the marine life. There is no shortage of sights to see and activities to do, which will compliment any meeting or event you wish to hold. 

Facts & Figures

Key Regions

Malé - capital, full of culture
Gan - the largest island

Key Airports

Malé International Airport
Gan Airport

Time Difference

GMT +4

Main Languages

Dhivehi | English


Maldivian Rufiyaa

Weather & Seasons

The Maldives has the lowest elevation of any country in the world and because of this the temperature remains hot for the whole year, an average of 28°C (1981-2010). The country's year is situated around 2 seasons, the wet season (southwest monsoon) from May to November, and the dry season (northeast monsoon) from December to April.




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