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Precautions and protocols being taken by service providers in Latvia

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have prepared a document that covers the basic conditions that must be considered before providing services within the tourism industry in Latvia. It covers the following;
 - Administrative measures
 - Measures for registration and reception services
 - Measures for catering services
 - Measures for sports services
 - Wellness and spa services
 - Activities in public spaces such as beaches/parks
 - Elevators
 - Transport services
 - Measures for groups visiting tourist attractions
 - Equipment rental services
 - Premises and equipment hygiene

The document also highlights measures that must be considered before the organisation of events (seminars, conferences, celebrations, concerts, sports events, etc.)

Procedures are also given for if a COVID-19 infection is suspected or confirmed.

Service providers must cooperate with CDPC (Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

Read the full document here


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