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Condor's story began in 1977 in Lima, Peru. While Machu Picchu sits firmly on everyone’s bucket-list today, four decades ago tourism was in its infancy in Peru. Inspired by the incredible diversity packed into one single country, Condor Travel’s founders were struck by Peru’s potential and recognised the need for an innovative DMC dedicated to this special part of South America. Condor's first office was set up in Peru’s capital by passionate, local experts in what is now one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world.


Facts and Figures

Key Regions

South America is comprised of 12 independent countries, 2 British overseas territories, and 1 French overseas region.

The 12 Sovereign States of South America are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The Falkland Islands & South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are British overseas territories. French Guiana is a French overseas region.

Key Airports

There are 21 'large' airports across South America, with a total of over 5,500 airports across the 14 countries. The largest airport being São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil (11hr 40min flight time from UK)

Time Difference

South America uses five standard time zones, these range from GMT -6 and GMT -3

Main Languages

Spanish and Portuguese are the most spoken immigrant languages closely followed by English across South America. There are many differnet indigenous languages also spoken across South America. 


Each of the 15 areas in South America uses its own currency with the exception of one sovereign country - Ecuador, where the US dollar is used.

Weather and Seasons

The southern hemisphere seasons are reversed - with summer roughly November to February, and winter in June to August. Peru is a year round destination due to its proximity to the equator, however they do have a very rainy season between January - March

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