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Media Production & Co-Working

Since September 2020, the MEDIA FACTORY has been located at the heart of the Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center /  Deutsche Messe. Deutsche Messe took over NDR’s former broadcasting studio occupying more than 10,000 square meters of space. Online and hybrid events as well as video and audio clips can be produced there.  Functional zones such as offices, meeting rooms and lounges are also available, all located directly adjacent to the production areas. Several of the studios and rooms at the MEDIA FACTORY are available for long-term rental and can be used, for example, as co-working spaces.

Flexible WorkSpaces

The MEDIA FACTORY premises will also house a creative hub that focuses on digital B2B communication in industry. It will serve as a centre for companies, institutions and creative people who work either individually or in groups on client-funded jobs.


Podcasts are hugely popular and today’s media landscape would be unthinkable without them. For podcasters and their interview partners, the MEDIA FACTORY offers a professionally equipped recording studio that is waiting to help you produce exciting content. The excellent acoustics and studio technology provide you with the perfect setting for a wide range of audio productions.


The MEDIA FACTORY has 15 ready-for-industry studios, each of them ready to use, equipped with high-quality video, sound and lighting equipment. The largest studio has 266 square meters of floor space. A special feature is the heavy-duty floor on which heavy machines and vehicles can be placed. Larger machines and equipment can also be placed in a neighbouring exhibition hall or on an outdoor area equipped with connection points for cameras and lighting. In addition to the technical equipment, basic furniture is also on offer and can be customised as required.


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For your event requirements in Hannover, please contact Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center / Deutsche Messe  Messe), email: or call +44 (0) 1628 532020.


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