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A Culinary Journey across the UAE

The massive expansion of Dubai’s tourism in the last 2 decades has meant that Dubai has become “a global powerhouse, a worldwide icon of hospitality” (Samir Tabbah, CEO of Desert Gate). In order to take their hospitality to the next level and make their clients’ experience easier, the company have created a special edition guide to cuisine in Dubai, ‘A Culinary Journey’.

Desert Gate's ‘A Culinary Journey’ takes you through some of the best restaurants in the UAE and Oman, giving an insider look into gastronomic destinations, and creations and even a recipe from the chefs themselves!

The UAE boasts the highest number of food and beverage outlets, per capita, in the world. Due to this, the country has developed a sophisticated and innovative food culture, and with a great influence from the many multi-national visitors you will be spoilt for choice.
The range of cuisines:
    -   Brazilian
    -   European
    -   Mediterranean
    -   Peruvian
    -   Seafood
    -   Steakhouse

Dining in Oman offers a traditional and historic experience, with recipes using locally sourced spices. An alternative way to eat, Oman restaurants often offer the authentic Oman Bedouin tented dining experience.

Booking these culinary experiences through Desert Gate benefits you:
    -   Your DG Dine Concierge will personalise your experience
    -   Use your DG Dine card for a great discount

Download the Culinary Journey here

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