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PC Tours & Travel is renowned for its extensive destination knowledge throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China and Indochina. Established in 1984 as one of Asia’s first destination management companies, they provide creativity and professional services, and specialize in the design and handling of incentives, international conferences, meetings and special interest groups. PC Tours established their branch offices in Beijing in 2000 and Shanghai in 2006. Whilst there is much to do in these two cities, from dining on the Great Wall in Beijing, to immersing the group in the Zhujiajiao Water Village in Shanghai, PC tours also works in several other key locations delivering exceptional service ensuring every group receives the very best experience in this amazing part of the world!


PC Tours take personal charge in every last detail. The Management Team are present at all times, ensuring consistency in service, expenditure, quality, and scheduling. PC Tours take the responsibility of arranging each trip very seriously, and have full liability insurance to cover every eventuality.


China’s huge geographical size makes it an incredible destination with an array of attractions and products for business events. Being the most densely populated country in the world, China has a vast landscape consisting of over 600 cities. As one of the oldest civilizations, China’s rich culture and heritage are engrossing and diverse. 15 cities have joined forces in a China MICE Alliance including Shanghai, Beijing, Xian and Chengdu which are of mutual support of each other to host international conferences and events on a large scale.

The Capital City of China, Beijing, is a focal point for education and culture, with over 30 universities and 60 hospitals, museums, theatres, and other cultural attractions. From ultra modern infrastructure to the rural landscapes of Sichuan, PC Tours & Travel can assist to unlock China’s huge potential.

Facts & Figures

Key Regions

Shanghai - Largest city by population in the world

Beijing - The heart of political and economic activity in China

Xian - Capital of the Shaanxi Province

Chengdu - Capital city of the Sichuan Province

Key Airports

Beijing Capital International Aiport (10 hour flight from UK)

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (11 hour flight from UK)

Time Difference

GMT +7

Main Languages

Mandarin (Regional variations)



Weather and Seasons

China's temperature varies a great deal. Xian's weather includes a warm spring, torrid summer, a cooler autumn and a dry and cold winter

Beijing has a windy spring, hot summer, pleasant autumn and a long cold winter

Chengdu weather is mild and humid all year round, with a warm spring, hot and humid summer, cool autumn and cold winter

Shanghai has a pleasant and warm spring, a hot rainy summer, cool autumn and cold winter








The China International Exhibition Center situated in Beijing, is one of China's largest conference venues along with Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center which offers a scenic tranquil area for meetings. Shanghai is an international meeting destination with excellent transportation systems ideal for conferences and exhibitions. Xian and Chengdu also offer a wide range of purpose built conference areas, and meeting spaces within hotels.

Scope of PC Tours services includes:

- Audio visual proposal / sourcing and execution

- Conference planning

- Hotel sourcing and negotiation

- On site event management

- Post event wrap up

- Pre & post tour

- Plus more see: www.pctours.com/mice


The natural habitat of the giant panda is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Chengdu. Xian still holds its historical treasures as markers of its past such as the terracotta warriors, interspersed among its modern cityscape for visitors to discover. Shanghai has a wealth of different architectures, cuisines, music, nightlife, and culture along with the second largest city in China, Beijing which has innumerable museums, theatres, and other cultural attractions.

Scope of PC Tours services includes:

- Accessibility to prestige private clubs

- Entertainment

- Itinerary planning and recommendation

- Theme party ideas and implementation

- Transportation (Air / Sea / Ground)

- Venue liason and negotiation

- Plus more see: www.pctours.com/mice


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