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Technology for your Portuguese Events

To add an extra dimension to your next event Cititravel DMC can help with all your tech needs

Event Apps

They can create “event apps” which provides delegates with everything from a venue map to the conference agenda, as well as being an interactive tool which can be used for tele-voting and allowing participants to send questions to speakers. This multi-feature app can be tailor made to the requirements of any event and any number of guests.

Video Mapping for Dinners

Video mapping can take your dinner to the next level …. off the walls and on to the dining table! Brand and theme your event like never before!

Photo Fun

Rest your selfie arm and get a photo booth to take the strain – both the booth and photos are ideal for branding or make it more interactive. Plus create a flip book to give your guests a simple but unique gift to take away with them. Taking it a step further they can create personalised “big head” fridge magnets – every time your guests reach for the fridge they’ll think back to your event with a smile.

All of these options are available for events across mainland Portugal.


(Images courtesy of Cititravel DMC)