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F&B for any palate in Germany

Compass Tours Incoming is one of the top German DMC with four offices across Germany. But, do you know how many German beers there are…?

• In Germany we have 1,500 different types of beer, 300 types of bread and 1,000 types of sausage                                                                                    

• In the state of Bavaria, beer is actually considered a food!

• More than 800 million currywurst sausages are eaten every year in Germany. The snack is so popular that there’s even a museum dedicated to it in Berlin. it is a popular take on an old favourite involving pieces of pork sausage covered in a spicy ketchup sauce.

• The sweet maker, Haribo, runs a scheme where local children can exchange acorns for sweets. Their acorns then get sent to nature reserves to feed animals.

• When you invite someone for ‘kaffee,’ it includes not only drinking coffee with that person but also consists of a warm cup of tea and a piece of cake or various types of cookies

• During World War II, the USA stopped importing Coca Cola syrup to Germany. Then the head of Coca-Cola there got a brilliant idea to use leftover products like whey and apple pomace. As a result, Fanta was born.

• Traditionally, the main meal of the day has been lunch (Mittagessen), eaten around noon. Dinner (Abendessen or Abendbrot) was always a smaller meal, often consisting only of a variety of breads, meat or sausages, cheese and some kind of vegetables, similar to breakfast, or possibly sandwiches 

• Despite many traditional dishes containing meat and Fish, Germany also offers a massive range of vegetarian and vegan restaurants

• Food & Beverage is an important part of any event, from Gala Dinners for over 2000, to intimate VIP dinners, Compass Tours Incoming can suggest, plan and deliver a gastronomic feast designed to delight every one of your attendees.

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