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Hybrid events in UAE & Oman

As the events world is shifting many planners are adding a hybrid element to their events. Whilst the physical event space is the goal, virtual meetings have solved the inability to travel, and event owners have seen some upswing in the audiences that they are reaching, meaning that planners now wish to offer a hybrid event going forwards.

There is strong belief that physical international events will come back, but initially require a virtual element: be it for overseas delegates, or even physically present delegates located in separate rooms, as distancing enforces a change in room capacities. But as we all know, to our recent cost, not all are stable, secure, nor have the capabilities to deliver a rich 'lifelike' experience.

Desertgate DMC's MICE team have launched Webinar by Desert Gate using Cisco Webex which is very secure and also has additional facilities such as breakout rooms, chats, polls, etc. The Desertgate production team will offer all the back up of AV and staging required in the UAE or Oman, so live and virtual participants can experience the event in almost the same way.

There has been much discussion about hybrid meetings in recent years, but concerns over how and what to stream, lack of solid platforms and the different production requirements needed to offer live and virtual similar experiences, has left many just streaming the keynote, or part of the event, and lacking engagement for those not in the room.

Furthermore if your event is in Dubai, or Oman do you want to take all your kit, does the venue have the requisite bandwidth and who do you turn to for crew on the ground? Desertgate's solution can help you with this, leaving you to manage the rest. (Even if your speaker is stuck in Abu Dhabi and your event is in London, the Desertgate team can literally teleport your speaker into the room!)

The recent drive to go virtual overnight, is now allowing planners space to develop the concept and iron out any previous issues and barriers. The future of events looks set to offer the traditional physical event and solid 'virtual attendee' participation. This encourages participation from delegates who might often not attend through budget or (travel) time constraints, but have not always had a full programme to participate in an entire conference or meeting. 

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