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Incentive program Athens 2020

A picturesque scene of the old and the new surrounded by the spectacular Mediterranean landscape. A famous past with an exciting present gives Athens an incredible contrast between an ancient and modern setting. A city guaranteed to take your breath away with its setting, character and hospitality.

Athens has no shortage of places when it comes to exploring, with narrow streets bordered with small taverns and cosy cafes, giving the city a blend of tradition and modern character also. Significant ancient treasures of the country lay in Athens including Acropolis, the world’s largest archaeological park.


Innovation has ushered in a new era for the historical city, with construction work to make mega-infrastructure improvements finding the city much easier to navigate around. With Athens being given a modern twist, more and more luxury hotels are being built with great conference room facilities making the destination more popular for business conferences and other events.


Incentive programs including 5* hotels, airport transfers and included activities are available through our OM DMC. With all inclusive schedules put together, the attendee will be given experiences from the Athens not to forgot whilst outside of the event. Whether its trying traditional foods at award winning restaurants along the coast, walking around the city with their tour guide, or taking a private cruise to Aegina to relax on the golden secluded beaches. 

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