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OM DMC supports mission to reduce food waste 


OM DMC is happy to announce a vital support to the local non-profit organisation Boroume whose mission is to reduce food waste and to fight malnutrition in Greece.  We are proud of our small contribution, part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, preventing the increasing challenges around food leftovers during corporate functions. Any excess food from our events will be packed and picked up for distribution at homes and families in need.  As Stavros Kleovoulou, Managing Partner, said “ We have been successful in our goal to donate goods over the years to those in need, but I am so excited about our collaboration with Boroume for 2022-2024. I do hope that others will follow this example within our industry and increase such donations to charities, providing food on the table for those in need. I have to say that this costs nothing, and it makes such a huge difference!”

Inquire about CSR programs & activities in Greece & Cyprus with OM DMC and how these can be encompassed within your future events. Every little support helps and puts a smile on someone’s face!

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Email -
Phone - +44 (0) 1628 532020


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