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Oman's First Aquarium

“Oman Aquarium will the first and only public aquarium in the Sultanate of Oman and the largest in the Middle East” say authorities. The aquarium, which opened on April 15th 2019 is an exciting venture for the country. Desert Gate DMC can include this attraction in your programmes, from a simple tour, to an unusual reception or dinner.

The designers have pulled out all the stops for this aquarium which has 3 levels covering 8,000 square metres in the mall of Muscat. It holds 3 million litres of water and so there is a great amount of space to show off their array of marine life for you to enjoy. This includes sharks, lobsters, turtles, rays, local corals and even penguins and crocodiles.

Not many people realise that Oman is host to vast numbers of local marine life, in excess of a thousand species. Making the most of their native species the Oman Aquarium is aiming to showcase 500 to 600 of them in their 60 exhibits.

A mix of exhibits with local species as well as species from all over the world, this aquarium holds an extensive variety within its walls, holding up to 30,000 marine animals and over a thousand types of fish. Giving the public a chance to experience life under the water and as well as the opportunity to become more invested in the country's marine landscapes.

With a current environmental spirit, the aquarium team plan to work with local experts to effectively put in place a rehabilitation scheme for sick and injured fish and turtles to then place them back in the wild.


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