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The Azores with Cititravel DMC

Who could resist travelling to paradise and enjoy pure relaxation in untouched nature - in particular during these crazy times?

Once considered part of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis, the Azores were discovered on Portuguese expeditions in the fifteenth century and therefore represented the important link between Europe and the Americas. The Azores have frequently remained an unnoticed destination - however have lately (similar to Madeira) convinced through their quick adaptivity and implementation of COVID 19 health measures.

Due to their remote location, the traditional way of living of the inhabitants in the Azores remained relatively unchanged, although the link to the Portuguese mainland is omnipresent. Thanks to its climate and volcanic origin, the islands fascinate their visitors with stunning beauty and spectacular landscapes!

Cititravel have prepared a 5-night sample programme for São Miguel - the largest island of the Azores - including an excursion to the famous twin lakes in the north of the island by jeep in order to pass along the ridge of the crater, enabling the best views over the lakes!

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