Whatever your event format, Trafo Baden has the flexibility and range of event spaces to suit any type of event.

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Trafo Baden's State-of-the-art AV

Trafo Baden is an unusual venue in the greater Zurich area, just 30 mins by train from Zurich airport, and 15 mins by train to Zurich town centre. A converted 1920s’ industrial assembly halls, Trafo includes two hotels, and 24 event spaces from an auditorium, to cinema screens, to an industrial chic, ‘blank canvas’ space, known as Hall 37 – which was the main assembly room for the electrical transformers, 99 years ago.

Uniquely each space has built in AV, the most recent of which is the installation of an eye-catching 45 square meter large LED wall in Hall 37: a sensational platform to visualise people, products and services in a smart and crystal clear fashion.

Innovation: State-of-the-Art AV at best prices
Hall 37 is 1400 m2, ( height of 16 meters) and can accommodate any size or type of private or public event: financial, political, academic, or pure entertainment.

CEO Reto Leder explains: ‘Originally, we did not plan to have permanently installed AV in that hall, so each customer could decide for their self which technology was needed, when and for what purpose. In reality, however, it became evident that our original concept of ad-hoc rented solutions made it relatively expensive for our customers, especially for events with smaller budgets. Therefore, and in cooperation with our technology partner Habegger AG, we decided to fully equip Hall 37 with a state-of-the-art LED wall, combined with stage lighting and a high-quality sound system. The new technology AV package can be used for all sorts of presentations, live transmissions or simply advertising purposes during an event or an expo’.

The costs are quite attractive; in fact, the entire set can be rented for CHF 6950 per day, including the stage, microphones, and VAT. (The same setup was CHF 40 000 if installed for just one event day.) This latest generation of LEDs can be used in daylight as well and more importantly, the package can be rented for a minimum time of 15 minutes only.

The flexible and multi-space set-up allows for a wide variety of corporate and association meetings. This year, for example, it will be the venue for a car launch, as well as several General Assemblies of banks, insurance companies and chambers of commerce across the various event halls. It will also be host to the annual meeting of the Association of Former Papal Guardsmen, and in June 2019, the 79th Annual Swiss Orthopaedics Congress will take place, with up to 1200 orthopaedic specialists attending.

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