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GOAL Events DMC - Inspiring

There has been plenty of 'travel from our sofas and laptops' over the last 12 months. And that has only increased everyone's desire to get out and travelling again. Much has been mentioned about how incentives and events can take place, and there is clearly a demand for more open spaces, outdoor activities, less populated areas, even greater sustainability demands, and all still within budget.

Goal Events cover the Baltic regions of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania, and it is really, truly sublime. On average just a three hours flight from the UK, this region is the perfect getaway. Northern Lights - yes, adventure activities - yes, unusual experiences - yes, sustainability targets - yes, locally sourced food - yes, supportive DMC with excellent unique programme ideas - YES, cost effective - yes! Goal will even organise a private Cessna for your group's arrival, and they know how to build a really good beach camp fire!


We know you'll like the look of these unspoilt regions, just sit back, and enjoy these destination videos from your laptop, then call us to progress programme ideas in these perfect destinations for your next adventure.



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