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Deutsche Messe Entertaining Ideas

Event organisers the world over have been pivoting to alternative ways to host events, and Hannover, Germany, is no exception in finding creative ideas for physical live events right now.

As reported earlier Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center (run by Deutsche Messe), is already providing some of its flexible spaces to support their healthcare services with a field hospital and drive through testing centre. The entire venue covers 1,000,000 sqm (100 hectare), has 10KM of roads and 58,000 sqm of open-air space, and four distinct routes in, therfore they have plenty of space and to offer other users without hampering vital operations. 

Now they have opened up another part of their grounds to offer the local residents a chance to get out and entertained with a drive-in (cinema), something they used to do back in the '60s and '70s.

Since 8th May 2020, Hannover is offering car concerts and a children's cinema on the Schützenplatz and drive-in cinema at the Hannover Exhibition Center parking plot P29 under the motto “Car culture from Hanover for Hanover”. The first two live shows at Schützenplatz were booked out within 12 hours.

The organisers Event it and Hannover Concerts and all sponsors are thrilled being able to offer people a special, and safe, form of varied entertainment outside their own four walls to help lift the mood. As night falls, comedies, action and horror films are shown. In the coming weeks, current films such as "The Kangaroo Chronicles", "Parasite", "The Perfect Secret" and "John Wick: Chapter 3" as well as the Oscar-winning dramas "Joker", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the musical film " A Star is Born ".

The drive-in cinema at Hannover Exhibition Center is not a totally new idea, as it has a long history going back to 1969 and into the 1970s. In order to create shared live experiences during these times of social distancing, the team thought why not recreate Das Autokino! However, some measures have had to be put in place to ensure social distancing is maintatined for today's market:
• Must remain in car
• Maximum 2 pax per car (exception - up to 3 tickets can be booked for children living together in the household for family programmes)
• Valid photo ID carried by all persons
• The distance between the parked cars is 1.5 meters. The windows and any convertible tops must be kept closed at all times. Cars may only be left wearing a mask in an emergency and for a trip to the restroom!
• The applicable minimum clearance rules in public spaces must be observed
• Online / Print @ Home tickets only, on-site scan through closed car window. Tickets can only be purchased online in advance

For further information on the flexible spaces at Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center please contact us

Photos © Stefan Knaak