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Elevate DMC is distinguished for its innovative and unparalleled services, revolutionising travel experiences across the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates and Oman, and further afield in destinations such as the Indian Ocean islands.

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Opting for Elevate DMC signifies choosing a partnership that goes beyond conventional travel, merging luxury, personalisation, and cutting-edge solutions to create unforgettable journeys. As more than a mere destination management company, Elevate DMC is dedicated to the success of their partners, redefining the essence of travel with every journey curated.

Facts & Figures: 

Key Regions

Mauritius: A diverse island with stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Key areas include Port Louis (the vibrant capital), Grand Baie (for nightlife and shopping), and Le Morne (for breathtaking natural beauty).

Maldives: Known for its idyllic atolls and luxurious overwater bungalows.

Key atolls include Malé (the bustling capital), Baa Atoll (a UNESCO biosphere reserve), and Ari Atoll (famous for diving and snorkelling).

Key Airports

Mauritius: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport serves as the main gateway.

Maldives: Velana International Airport in Malé is the primary international airport.

Direct flights from the UK to Mauritius take approximately 12 hours, while to the Maldives it's around 10 hours.

Time Difference

Mauritius: UTC +4

Maldives: UTC +5

Main Languages

Mauritius: English and French are widely spoken, with Creole being the most common language among locals.

Maldives: Dhivehi is the local language, but English is commonly used in tourist areas.


Mauritius: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)

Maldives: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

Weather & Seasons

Both islands enjoy a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round.

Mauritius has a wet summer season from November to April and a dry winter from May to October.

Maldives experiences a dry season from November to April and a wet season from May to October, with the possibility of short, intense rain showers.



Mauritius stands out as an exemplary choice for hosting conferences, blending professionalism with a serene backdrop. This island nation is well-equipped with robust infrastructure to support Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE), offering a harmonious blend of modern facilities amid picturesque landscapes. Central to its appeal is the Swami Vivekananda Conference Centre in Pailles, the region’s most advanced convention centre, capable of accommodating up to 5,000 delegates. With over 107 hotels featuring dedicated meeting spaces, Mauritius caters to events of all sizes, ensuring a seamless experience for organisers and attendees alike. The island’s accessibility is bolstered by direct flights from major global cities, and the national carrier, Air Mauritius, provides additional conveniences for group travel. Mauritius stands out not just for its facilities but for the unique experiences it offers delegates, from cultural tours to team-building activities on its idyllic beaches, making every conference a memorable event.

The Maldives:

The Maldives is renowned for offering exclusive and intimate settings for conferences, blending luxury with the tranquillity of its island resorts. This destination is perfect for smaller, high-level gatherings or corporate retreats, where privacy and personalised service are paramount. The unique proposition of the Maldives lies in its ability to offer unconventional conference venues, from underwater meeting rooms to beachfront boardrooms, providing a refreshing alternative to the traditional conference setting. Luxury resorts across the archipelago are well-equipped with the latest technology and facilities to cater to the needs of the modern business traveller. Accessibility is facilitated through direct international flights, making the Maldives a viable option for global companies seeking an inspiring setting. Offering an unparalleled blend of business and leisure, the Maldives ensures that every conference not only meets professional standards but also leaves attendees with lasting impressions of an extraordinary destination


The Maldives: 

The Maldives, known for its pristine beaches and azure waters, is rapidly emerging as a coveted destination for incentive travel, offering unparalleled experiences that blend opulence with adventure. This archipelago is ideal for recognising high-performing teams or commemorating corporate achievements in a picturesque setting. From snorkelling in vibrant coral reefs to underwater dining, the Maldives creates an ambience for indelible memories. Luxury resorts on secluded islands provide customised team-building activities, ensuring privacy and bespoke service. The straightforward visa procedures and direct flight connections from key international cities make it a convenient choice for MICE planners. Offering a blend of relaxation and thrilling aquatic activities, the Maldives epitomises an exclusive incentive destination where business meets tranquillity.


Mauritius asserts itself as a leading destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), showcasing a mix of contemporary facilities, breathtaking landscapes, and varied cultural experiences. This island haven caters to MICE groups with its extensive infrastructure, including the cutting-edge Swami Vivekananda Conference Centre and various venues that can host events of any size. Mauritius excels in offering luxury MICE packages, with a broad selection of accommodations and tailor-made services to ensure a successful and memorable event. Direct flights from global hubs, along with comprehensive support from local Destination Management Companies (DMCs), make Mauritius accessible and attractive. From adventurous outdoor activities to tranquil beachside relaxation, Mauritius provides a vibrant backdrop for incentive trips, ensuring a perfect balance of productivity and leisure.


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