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The World's first 5G event venue

Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center, run by Deutsche Messe, is to become the world’s first 5G-powered events venue.

Deutsche Messe is gearing to treat the world to the first-ever events complex with full 5G coverage. 

The 'Smart Venue' project involves transforming its 100-hectare venue, in stages, into a highly innovative multi-functional campus that will be available as a test facility for real-time 5G use cases 365 days a year.

The company aims to roll out the new 5G mobile telephony standard to all of its exhibition halls, conference spaces, and its open-air sites as soon as possible. With 5G permanently available, the Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center will be able to host tests and demonstrations of numerous innovative, 5G-based applications from a whole range of sectors, including industrial manufacturing, mobility, logistics, Smart City technology and health.

"5G is the key enabling technology for the ongoing digital transformation of business and society, because only with 5G can the Consumer Internet truly become the Industrial Internet," said Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board Chairman Dr. Jochen Köckler. "The integration of intelligent machines in smart manufacturing and the development of self-driving cars, vertical logistics, smart farming and many other technologies require radio-based mobile gigabit Internet. That is why we are making this move and developing our center into a showcase of tomorrow’s world, a platform where people can preview the changes that are transforming work and public life."

Deutsche Messe’s move into the 5G space will culminate in a new dedicated trade show & conference event: the 5G CMM Expo. The 5G CMM Expo will be held annually and positioned as the world’s foremost event for 5G technology. CMM stands for Connected Mobile Machines. The company’s plans are moving fast, and things are starting off as early as October of 2019, when the first conference on 5G and CMM will be held. The first 5G CMM Expo will then be staged in the fall of 2020. The expo will present the full gamut of 5G applications by physically demonstrating use cases for all connected mobile machines in public spaces, in various sectors of the economy, and in the home.

Hannover Exhibition & Conference Center already supports event planners with a range of technology and support for meetings and events from 10 - 10,000+pax, including translation and AV, plus the reliable existing wifi. You do not have to book the entire site, as there are several purpose built venues for small and large conferences each with their own dedicated access.

Bringing 5G technology to this flexible event space will benefit all event planners and their events, irrespective of size as the network will operate seamlessly in every hotspot, indoors and outdoors.

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