The 1916 Train Through Wadi Rum

In the peaceful Wadi Rum, Jordan, a unique adventure invites travellers to step back in time amidst cinematic landscapes and significant historical moments. Middle East Travel introduces an experience beyond the ordinary, showcasing crucial events of 1916 amidst the timeless dunes and striking sandstone mountains of the desert.

Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is more than a natural spectacle; it's a canvas where history echoes through its vast, crimson landscapes. The 1916 Train Adventure invites visitors to board an authentic steam train, like those that crossed these terrains a century ago, on a journey that intertwines historical reenactments with breath taking scenery featured in iconic Hollywood films.

As the locomotive traverses rugged terrains, passengers are transported to a year of conflict and determination during the Great Arab Revolt. The adventure intensifies as the train is ambushed by fighters of the revolt, offering a vivid reenactment of the battles that once took place in these serene landscapes.

The adventure also allows travellers to explore an Ottoman fortress and embrace the Bedouin culture by spending a night in traditional village tents. Wadi Rum, featured in films like "The Martian" and "Lawrence of Arabia," provides a visually and historically rich backdrop.

The Jordan Heritage Revival Company (JHRC) has curated this journey, ensuring it pays homage to the historical significance of Wadi Rum and provides a platform for intellectual and cultural exploration. Included with the Jordan Pass, this adventure invites travelers to inscribe their own stories into the mystical land of Wadi Rum.

Embark on this timeless adventure, let the beauty and history of Wadi Rum resonate within you, and craft memories that will linger.

Note: For a deeper dive into this remarkable adventure, visit Middle East Travel Alliance.

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