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Trafo Baden simplicity post COVID

In Trafo’s latest blog CEO Reto Leder looks at Social distancing and networking: a contradiction or a new way of experiencing events together? 

Key take-aways include: the need to physically distance changing event format and spaces and even greater emphais on sustainability, green event footprints and healthy nutrition

Trafo Baden itself offers a range of very flexible spaces
Their packages eschew the fear planners may have with many hotels and spaces higher cost DDR in accordance with the new min number requirements based on size of the room. At Trafo they have enough space to upgrade most events without additional space costs, with just an extra cost towards the AV. Your F&B for 100 pax is still just for 100 pax thanks to their unique package approach.

Each room at Trafo has built in AV, in the larger spaces state of the art LED screens offer crystal clarity for events.

Enhanced trends: Sustainability, green event footprints and healthy nutrition
Trafo’s head chef believes in Farm to Fork principles and sources local produce, that is plant forward and offers a range of dietaries. Trafo itself also ensures to work with planners to deliver sustainable ancillary services around the event.
Trafo Baden is home to clean electric and alternative energy industry, close to Digital creative and media industry and a stone’s throw from the financial hub of Zurich, offering a number of business reasons to use the Trafo event location.

Benefit from the onsite facilities which include: a superior 3* on site – ideal for event staff and delegates alike, and the boutique Blue City Hotel, also managed by Trafo for VIPs, or The Limmathof Baden hotel & Spa will not disappoint (especially if adding a weekend pre/post event).

Sustainable events are not just in the conference hall, post conference R&R in charming, walkable, medieval spa town of Baden, or 15 minute train transfers to Zurich for those looking for a more charged night life, (the train station is 2 mins walk from the centre and hotels without the need to add coaches or take taxis). Arrival and departure is as sustainable, with a 30 minute direct train to Zurich airport, and the wider Swiss and continential European train network.

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