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Latvia - the 2nd greenest country in Europe!


Latvia is the second greenest country in the European Union, according to NimbleFins, a company analysing the environment and the greenery of European Union countries to rank them.

Latvia has been ranked as the second greenest country in the EU, largely due to an abundance of natural resources (freshwater and forests) as well as producing a relatively low amount of greenhouse gases per capita (6 tons per capita) and having the second-lowest consumption of nonrenewable energy in the group (1.4 tonnes of oil equivalent per capita).

Goal Events have great sustainable program solutions by reducing carbon, plastic and paper.

• Carbon reduction - electrical transfers, 60% of restaurants in a walking distance
• Plastic reduction – replacing 500ml water bottles with refillable bottles and water stations
• Paper reduction – Event App that includes program, roadbooks, menus etc.
• Cooperation with “First climate” to offset 100% of carbon footprint

We have updated our Internal Sustainability Policy by:
• Recycling paper, plastic, other waste
• We are using water filters to reduce the usage of plastic
• 75% of employees are using bicycles to go to the office
• Paperless as much as possible
• Cooperation with local social entrepreneurs to benefit the conservation of the environment

Together with one of the best chefs in Latvia we have made a Sustainable dinner concept
• Only local production used which does not include GMO
• Using seasonal products
• Less waste food and ingredients
• Usage of energy-efficient kitchen facilities

Contact GOAL to discuss how your next event can be sustainable in Latvia!

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