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Widiane Suites & Spa Morocco

Introducing the Atlas Mountain's Best Kept Secret.....

Widiane Suites & Spa, the Moroccan luxury resort located in an area of outstanding natural beauty offering two properties in one luxurious resort.

As spectacular as the wilderness that surrounds it and as tranquil as the waters of Lake Bin el Ouidane, the vast expanse of water where many of the resort's outdoor activities take place, Widiane Suites and Spa is much more than a 5-star resort, it's a complete destination in itself.

The resort is divided into two distinct properties located directly next to each other.

Palais Widiane

The original 30 bedroom property that visitors have frequented since its first opening in 2010. (Click here for fact sheet)

Source Widiane

Now completed and offering a further 85 stunning bedrooms, this second phase introduces a dedicated conference and function area, constructed and equipped to the highest international standard, plus some seductive new features including:

- Second spa with indoor pool
- Cinema room
- 300pax restaurant open for lunch and dinner.

(Click here for fact sheet)


The two properties combine to offer 115 rooms and suites

Palais: 30 Rooms & Suites – All are a mixture of traditional Moroccan design and contemporary luxury

La Source: 85 rooms and suites, all bright and warm, with "Berber chic" spirit. From the Atlas room to the Royal Suite, all rooms will plunge you into the heart of the region.


Connected by highway to hub cities of Marrakech and Casablanca, transfers to Widiane take guests on a remarkable 3-hour journey through the stunning landscape of the Atlas Mountains.

For an immediate luxurious experience upon arrival to Morocco, helicopter transfers are available!

Restaurants & Dining

Six restaurant and bar options across the two properties offering traditional Moroccan cuisine, through to international Mediterranean and Thai flavours!

Karma Lounge Bar offers chic & casual surroundings, cocktails and tapas with Asian influence.

The Villa

An exclusive villa located 20 minutes from the resort, offering two ensuite bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen with personalized service and a beautiful view over the lake.

Canyon Thai Restaurant

A short boat journey fom the hotel, guests are transported to the amazing Canyon to spend their day enjoying breathtaking views of the lake, water activities on the private jetty or a Balinese massage in one of the dedicated pavilions.

The delicious Thai cuisine available in this 55pax outdoor restaurant makes this a totally unique experience in Morocco!